Trademark filings

Since the rights granted by a U.S. trademark registration extend only throughout the territory of the United States and have no effect in a foreign country, a trademark holder who wishes trademark protection in other countries must apply for a trademark in each country of interest.

Registering a trademark in foreign markets gives a company the exclusive right to commercialize its products in those markets. This not only provides a solid basis to stop counterfeiters but also ensures that the exporting company enjoys exclusivity over what may be one of its most valuable business assets.

Registering a trademark abroad also provides the opportunity to license the trademark to others or may be the basis for a company’s franchising or merchandising strategy.

No more surprises or
hidden costs.

Inventia, with its more than 25 years of experience, becomes a critical solution. We can perform a pre-registration search to check the registrability of your brand, and file your trademark application in more than 150 countries.

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Every time you have to file a trademark application in several countries you have to:

  • Prepare an order letter for each IP lawyer in each country.
  • Prepare and send the required documents for each PTO.
  • Follow up each case to assure the foreign applications are filed in due time.
  • Receive as many filing reports as applications filed.
  • Receive and process several invoices, in different currencies, one per case.

Using Inventia you will:

  • Complete our online order including your trademark and the classes and countries in which it should be filed.
  • One of our representatives will contact you to guide you through the process, attending the special needs you may have, and offering you suggestions on the way your filing costs may be reduced and make your investment more efficient and affordable.
  • One order letter + One invoice (in US$) + One consolidated filing report, at affordable cost!

Follow these easy 3 steps to register your trademark internationally:

  1. Estimate your filing costs by completing our Trademark Filing Order including the serial number of your US or foreign application/registration; class/es in which you need to protect your trademark; the goods and/or services to be identified, and the countries of your interest.
  2. Place an order by clicking on PLACE AN ORDER NOW button.
  3. One of our representatives will contact you to guide you through the process, providing you with our invoice, and explaining the next steps.

Our clients enjoy the benefits of our password-protected online tools, including:

  • Instant quotes in +130 countries.
  • Access to your previous quotes.
  • Tracking of the status of your orders.
  • Real-time updated status of your already-filed cases.
  • Professional support in case of oppositions.
  • Free-cost trademark watch service.
  • Free reminders of important deadlines.

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