Drawings Preparation

Our team of professional patent illustrators can help you out with preparing not only the drawings needed for your foreign filings.

In almost every patent case, drawings are needed. Also, several adaptations are commonly required, including translating and inserting references in foreign languages, adapting margins, resizing pages and other changes.

We provide a fast, no hassle drawing service that will help you meet the requirements of any Patent Office around the world and any deadlines.

Sample Drawings

Legalization of Documents

When filing a patent application in a foreign country, several documents are needed and usually legalized.

Each PTO requires documents to be filed together with the patent application.

Among these documents are priority documents, powers of attorney, assignments and declarations of inventorship.

A number of these PTOs require the legalization of some of those documents. This includes the legalization before the local Consulate and/or Embassy in the United States, the Apostille of the Hague Convention, among others.

Let us help you with the preparation of these documents and the time-consuming legalizations in the United States.