Paris Convention filings

Not all the countries belong to the PCT treaty. And not every invention deserves a PCT application. There is still a group of 28 countries which are not part of the PCT and you need to file your patent application one-year after your initial filing. When dealing with urgent translations, text and drawings preparation for filing Convention patent application in non-PCT countries, Inventia offers you an expedited solution that will minimize any extra cost.

After you have filed the first patent application for your invention, you have one full non-extendable year to file it
in Paris Convention countries who are not yet part of the PCT.

If you file a Provisional application, then the problem arises, when you are still working on the final text of the Non-Provisional at the same time you need to prepare your foreign filings before the 1-year deadline.

And you still have to translate and file the application in a myriad of countries!

No more surprises or
hidden costs.

Inventia, with its more than 25 years of experience dealing with Convention filings becomes a critical solution. We can file your application in more than 130 countries at affordable costs. By using our Online Cost Estimator you will know in advance exactly how much money your foreign filings will cost. Our prices include all the fees involved: translations, official fees, professional fees, legalizations, etc.

Discover how.

Every time you have to file a Paris Convention application in several countries you have to:

  • Prepare an order letter for each IP lawyer in each country.
  • Prepare and send the required documents for each Patent Office.
  • Follow up each case to assure the foreign applications are filed in due time.
  • Receive as many filing reports as applications filed.
  • Receive and process several invoices, in different currencies, one per case.

Using Inventia you will:

  • Complete our online order including your patent application serial number and the countries in which it should be filed.
  • One of our representatives will contact you to guide you through the process, attending the special needs you may have, and offering you suggestions on the way your filing costs may be reduced and make your investment more efficient and affordable.
  • One order letter + One invoice (in US$) + One consolidated filing report, at no extra cost!

Flexibility. Our solution lets you continue working with your law firms or not

We created a unique worldwide filing solution that is completely flexible. We can adapt it to your needs and not the other
way around. Tell us what you need and we will adjust our service to your particular needs.

Flexible options at a glance

Would you like to use our worldwide network of prestigious IP lawyers for filing your Paris Convention applications?


Would you like to keep the local IP lawyers with whom you have been working for many years?

Would you like to pay us one consolidated invoice, including the professional and official fees of all the lawyers/countries?


Would you like to pay your IP lawyers, directly?

Would you like to transfer to us the prosecution of your applications abroad to us?


Would you like to continue handling the prosecution of your applications once filed?

Not a problem! Just tell us the way you would feel more comfortable for handling your
foreign filings, and we will adjust our service to your needs.

Why our worldwide filing solution is cost convenient.

Inventia will cut your filing costs between 25-50%..
We provide a transparent and fixed pricing in advance, and suggest you ways to reduce your costs even more without affecting your patent rights.

You may probably be wondering where the catch is.

There is no catch!

We will put our 25-year experience, our top-quality patent agent’s network in 150 countries, and our team of 100 translators working for you.
We guarantee our filing and translation costs will be at least 10-30 % less expensive than your current filing provider.

If no translation service is necessary, then an affordable and reasonable coordination fee will be charged.

Our clients enjoy the benefits of our password-protected online tools, including:

  • Instant quotes in +150 countries.
  • Access to your previous quotes.
  • Tracking of the status of your orders.
  • Real-time updated status of your already-filed cases.
  • Professional support in case of oppositions, observations or rejections from the Examiner.
  • Free reminders of important deadlines.

See pricing for more details.