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Global Patent Services for a Global Community

With the speed and reach of today’s interconnected international community, there are greater opportunities for spreading business, science and art than ever before. At Inventia, we know that you want to spread your ideas across the world while protecting your legal rights as their creators, so we’ve created a sleek system for taking care of all international patent filing services in one easy location.

Inventia is an international patent service for all kinds of applications for intellectual property rights. Our staff is familiar with all aspects of these applications, so we have streamlined the process for our clients. We offer services for both Patent Application Treaty (PCT) and non-PCT applications, including applications under the Paris Convention, as well as services for trademarks and for translations of patent documents. We offer services for more than 150 countries in 60 languages.

We are the only translation service in the world that focuses specifically on patents, allowing us to keep our prices low and our quality unparalleled. We offer translations for 60 foreign languages and have more than 25 years of experience in patent translation. Our dedicated team of 100 patent translators reduces turnaround time compared to other agencies and gets your documents done quickly.

Our services are based in three fundamental principles: transparency, flexibility and expertise. These principles are the philosophy to which we owe our success and our commitment to them is solid.

Our commitment to transparency with both potential and realized clients means our filing fees are publically available, with no strings attached behind user accounts or passwords. We’ve taken into account all translation, official, professional and legalization fees, so the instant quote you receive from our Online Cost Estimator is the price you will pay.

Our flexibility means we work with our clients rather than having them work with us. Years of experience with clients from all over the world have taught us about the need for adaptation to different cultures, times and needs. Our commitment to flexibility is our commitment to our clients.

We show our expertise when we provide professional services by professional deadlines. We know the demands of the business world admit no shortcomings and we promise to deliver. Our international clientele receives top-quality service in every document we transmit.

Inventia is the patent application service for you, your company and your own customers. We have served many professional law firms over the years and the quality of our service speaks for itself.

Affordable Patent Services with Flexible Options

Inventia strives to make the application process convenient for our clients by providing options for all facets of the application. Our services are flexible and secure, adapting to each client’s specific needs. We pride ourselves on offering diverse options to each client.

Inventia has an international network of patent lawyers ready to represent you in nations across the world. However, if you would prefer to keep your current lawyers, you do not have to change them in order to benefit from Inventia’s services. You may pay a single centralized invoice to our lawyer team or you may pay your own lawyers directly. You may transfer the prosecution of your applications to Inventia or you may handle your applications yourself. All these choices exist to make this process easier and more affordable for you.

Our several options make the filing process easy and affordable. Though some countries use the Patent Application Treaty and some use the Paris Treaty, our filing options are available for all 150 countries we serve. Using Inventia for your patent searching needs will cut your filing costs between 25-50%. We offer professional support and document tracking for all steps of each application process.

Our PCTSolution option allows you to apply for patents around the world at minimal cost. The normal application process for a PCT National Phase requires sending order letters and applications to specific lawyers and offices in each country, then receiving a filing report and invoices for each case, all juggling different currencies and languages. With Inventia, one of our representatives will guide you through the application process, with one order letter, one invoice in US dollars and one consolidated filing report, all at an economic cost.

Our services for Paris Treaty and other non-PCT applications offer the same benefits as our PCTSolution patent searching services. The 28 countries not part of the PCT, including much of South America, Africa and the Pacific Islands, need not be closed off to you with Inventia’s services. These centralized options are cost-convenient and will make the patent application process convenient for you and cost effective for your budget.

Our patent filing services are made to fit with your requirements and deadlines in the business world. We strive to represent each client as they would represent themselves in all the markets for which we file applications.

Inventia is the only patent application service you and your company will ever need. Our services are professional, efficient and affordable. Please contact an Inventia representative to learn more about what Inventia can offer you and your company.