is part of the Equerion Group, a group of companies dedicated to Intellectual Property (IP) and legal-related services and solutions.

Inventia, headquartered in the US with offices in Europe and Latin America, is the result of the consolidation of two IP services providers that provided international patent and trademark filing services in more than 150 countries for more than 25 years.

The synergy of this merger created a powerful service provider that covers all the aspects in the preparation and filing of any type of patents and trademarks around the world:


languages available for patent translations; preparation of drawings; and the filing of patents and trademarks in more than 150 countries.

and finally, the filing per se in more than 110 countries.

Our approach to the foreign patent filing is based on three fundamentals:



We do not hide our costs, fees or procedures behind user IDs and passwords. Our pricing is publically available, detailing the total cost for each filing. No unpleasant surprises: If no charges were made to the original application, the cost you get in our online cost estimator is the cost you will pay for this filing. It is our commitment!



We have a wide network of foreign patent and trademark lawyers covering over 150 countries, and counting! However, if you feel comfortable with your foreign lawyers, you do not have to change them in order to work with us. We will work with them at no extra costs for you. Learn more about how flexible our patent and trademark filing services are.



We are the only translation provider totally specialized in patents. We understand your obligations, your difficulties, the need to get the texts translated in a few days before a deadline and, of course, the right vocabulary.

We invite you to learn more about our PCT National Phase filing service in +130 countries, non-PCT/Convention patent filing service in +150 countries, translation of patents, preparation of drawings and Trademark filing service in +150 countries. We also invite you to try our Online Filing Guide for Patent and Trademarks where you will find the requirements for filing your patent and/or Trademark in any country and our Online Cost Estimator.

We love patents. Just call us and feel the love.